Red Letter Day

There are plenty of people “fishing” or trolling around in the internet. I don’t mind since most of the comments I received are placed for moderation.

One particular comment is a bit serious, in my opinion, that I received recently.

“Hi. I found this site because I clicked on a picture in Google. Funnily the picture was mine. It is a little kid on a surface of circles. Since this photograph is copyrighted and I am the author, I kindly request you to remove the picture from all sites, places and/or locations you have any influence on. Thank you.”

This is very interesting since most of the photos I share are mine. Should the photo originates from Google, I ensure that the photographer receives the credit and linking the photo to the original site. Most of the times, I go to the extent of asking permission prior to using any photographs, images or media. Courtesy is important to me.

Having said that, I looked at my media files and I cannot find a little kid on a surface of circles.

I investigated who the commentator, where the website is and it just happens the photographer is one of the blogs at WordPress. The site is fairly new, April 2014.

In my experience, the photographers that I deal with especially in WordPress and National Geographic are more than happy to allow me to use their photos.  This is the first time I received a “red-letter.”

To clear the matter, I replied back:

“Thank you for your comment. I am a bit confused because the picture on this post is an image of Peanuts. Kindly go to the post where your photo appeared and I will remove it. Seeker.”

I am still waiting for a response back.  As for now, I will Zzzzzzz away or should I pick another letter?

Photo of the post where the comment showed up.

Photo of the post where the comment showed up.

17 thoughts on “Red Letter Day

    • It might have gotten my attention but I will not reveal the name site so that nobody will get a chance to go to his site. Any further comments is now blocked. 🙂

  1. Please do not fall victim with such a ruse. Once I received a link from a friend that it turned out to be malware. Good thing my anti-virus protection worked. When in doubt, skip it.

    • Thank you, I won’t. I have a tight firewall in this tiny computer that I have. The system tells me if it’s a ruse. Most of them are placed in the spammer. Now I have re-setup the “comment” section, there are no more incident lately. Sorry about this since it’s affecting you.

      • No worries. I was thinking of others who wish to comment too. I can wait and come back later like I used to do, Others might not,

  2. I once used a graphic from the internet and gave credit to the originator. The originator asked me to include their website so people could go there to check out other work. I included the website in the credit but as I kept checking my stats, no one clicked there anyway. I try to use my own photos most of the time as sometimes you just don’t know where it’s coming from. I have been advised to put a watermark on my photos just in case others use them but I have to figure out how to do that. If he can’t tell you which post it was maybe he has the wrong blogger.

    • Seldom do people click on links and it’s better to give credit and links than not to. I helped one person in WP whose work was “stolen” by another “WP blogger”. It was used by another third party credit to the “thief”. Needless to say, it was taken down. At for the watermark, unless you are a professional photographer, consider using it. But most professional ones such as in NatGeo, they are confident enough not to use watermark and that their work cannot be taken from them. I sure hope, he was the wrong blogger.

  3. A word of warning: Those with malicious intent will stoop to all sorts of nefarious means to get your to click on links with malware. I realize that you were trying to be courteous, but I’m always suspicious of odd comments on my blog from people who want me to go to another site. I have no idea what they get out of messing with other folks’ computer software, but there’s no shortage of people who seem to spend every waking hour thinking of ways to make life miserable for the rest of us.

    • There are plenty of them unfortunately and it seems to become their full time job and they live in the internet. Thank goodness I have some kind of anti-virus, anti-spammers, anti this and that.

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