The prayer of the quiet

Praying Hand

“The prayer of quiet is a prayer that makes room for God’s presence.
When we are quiet, we have come to the end of talking, finished being in charge, finished insisting on our own way.
We are ready to make room for God’s voice, for God’s guidance, for God’s way.

The prayer of quiet involves listening and waiting.
This often does not feel like prayer.
Because we tend to think of prayer as doing something, rather than as waiting quietly before God….”


Source: UCANews by  Juanita Ryan

10 thoughts on “The prayer of the quiet

  1. Just this past Saurday evening, I led my 7 year-old son together with six of his friends and their Mums in a ‘silence prayer’ (as we call it) at a gathering before mass. It was a very beautiful spiritual space. I had explained to the children that if we can be very quiet and very still for a few moments, sometimes we will hear God speaking to us, whispering into our hearts. Big hugs to you Perpetua. You so often strike a chord with things going on in our life. : )))

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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