Fallen from the sky with grace

Composer and Singer: Kishi Bashi

This song is fabulous and I am hook listening to it.

I have tried to discern this song and the first stanza is.

“Who are you? Who am I to you?
I am the antichrist to you
fallen from the sky with grace
into your arms race”

With a Christian background, I can only relate to this  as an ongoing struggle relationship with God. Even when I turned my back on God or even when I have broken His teachings, when I fall and stumble, I fall into His arms, a saving grace.

The tricky part is the last word race that I find confusing.

What is your interpretation?

Update: As I was doing the daily meditation via internet, this came up and this speaks to me as part of an interpretation to this song.

“The conflict of the future will be between a God-religion and a State religion, between Christ and
anti-Christ in political disguise.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen (Characters of the Passion)

7 thoughts on “Fallen from the sky with grace

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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