The Things Said

96yr old


“In five days, I’ll be 96 years old.

I never smoked.
I never had any stress.
I was dumb
I worked low-level jobs with no responsibility.

I worked until I was 84, with two jobs.
I worked at an office until five o’clock,
and then I went to work as a waitress
— it was a happy job, feeding people.

Then you take your uniform off,
and your job is done.
But somebody has to do
the stressful jobs, too.”

“Do you have any regrets?”

“Oh, I’ve made lots of mistakes.”

“With education and jobs?”

“No, no. With people.
And that hurts the most
— the things you’ve said to people.”

12 thoughts on “The Things Said

  1. Really inspiring to hear your life journey.
    Humility to accept what one did is really appreciable.
    We are responsible for many stress related problems. If we want to overcome it, it is possible.

  2. Thanks for sharing such wisdom with us! The key to happiness? Finding joy in your everyday life. No matter what you do. “it was a happy job, feeding people” Realizing that hurting other people are the mistakes you will wish you had done better with. Yes…much wisdom here:-)

    • I suppose at her age, she has so much to teach us and she did in a few words. There is joy in feeding the multitude just like in the soup kitchen. Happiness is the by product.

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