What equals nine?

A funny post.
Question: What do you do with a “drive by commentators?” This reminds me of drive by “likers”. I call them hit-and-run. Worst are posts that use “pingbacks”.


What do you wantOne of the interesting things about “blogging” is what happens off-line. WordPress has a feature for “comments” and it is a controllable feature. You can allow all comments and then remove inappropriate ones as you see fit. But then that means you have to monitor; sometimes manners and charity are not hallmarks of text and comments left behind. It takes time. Not willing to dedicate time to the supervising task? The blog administrator can not allow any comments at all.  That takes no additional time to oversee. There is at least one “middle way.” You can allow comments but require that all comments be approved before they are posted on one’s blog. That takes some time, but you have the luxury of getting to such things when you have time.

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41 thoughts on “What equals nine?

  1. I let Askimet check things out for me. I have to admit, I often wonder how much work it is for you, P., to go through the comments you get and decipher them. Good for you. I’m taking the lazy way! 🙂

    • It can be a pain sometimes when I have to trash and block some and keep on checking which one went to spam that I want to redirect back to the post. If it’s way too long, I make a post out of them. I might just have to try your tricks, Tk.

    • Tee hee… Don’t you get those “hit and run likers?” Within a second I posted, I get a like right away. Have great week to you as well, Granma and Blinkey.

  2. There is another way to prevent comments from coming in: use the log on feature. When I see that on a blog, I am often discouraged to comment. The wait to log on takes ages and if ever you are lucky to get though that notice thatt the “comment could not posted” is a real turn off.

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