There is no straight path

zig zag

Mount Sinai

There is no straight path.

You Zig your way
You Zag the other way
Zigzagging as you go along in life
Avoiding the pitfalls and perils.

The big rocks
The pebbles
The sandy wind
The blinding sun.

 You stumble along the way.

Pick up yourself
Shake the dust off your body
Wipe the blood of your hands and knees.

You cry some
You laugh some
You ignore some
You wonder what am I doing?

Even the camels
Even the mountain goats
They are smart enough to
Walk, jump, crisscross in the
Treacherous rocky mountain.

Don’t be fooled
For there is no short cuts
In the mountain of life.

No short cut.

There are tremendous reasons
To place the blame. Be it people,
Situations, yourself, or anything
Or anyone.  These are obstacles in life.

Unless you have a God

For your God
can make a straight path
For you.


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