The apple of my eyes

Such a pretty face, such a pretty smile, the apple of my eyes: Michael. He had me wrap around his little fingers; fingers as we played the song “inky winky spider went up the water-spout”

When I baby sat him and his siblings, I rule, even though he can command terror in the Garden of Eden.

There is an apple tree in their backyard that took forever to bear fruit and one day the snake showed me that there is one single green apple.

My eyes lit up and I heard the evil taunting me “come and eat me.”  With no hesitation, I plucked the apple, took a bite and it was the best tasty juicy green apple, ever. It was heavenly.

Suddenly, I heard an angel screamed:

 “Michael, Tita Lady is eating your apple!”

“Damn #$& ***” explicit language coming from the mouth of a babe. “I have been waiting for the apple to ripen.  That is mine!” loud voice coming out from his ground floor bedroom window.

“Gee, it doesn’t have your name on it. Here, you can have it.” as I passed the half eaten apple through the window.

That made him happy eating what’s left over of the apple but he never let me forget the first fruit when now the apple is so thick of fruit and they just go rotten falling on the grounds.

Finally, he grew up as he ventures into the outside world. The training he received at Katimavic shaped and moulded him. Traveling and working in another country opened his eyes. He became a renascence man, constantly evolving from being a steam fitter to a realtor to whatever he wants to be. I can’t keep up with him anymore.

One day in a family gathering, admiring his beauty, I said: Hey Jude! Jude Law!  He laughed because apparently he has been mistaken as Jude Law before.

For comparison, can you tell the difference?
Michael aka Jude Law


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