22 thoughts on “Eyes on the Road

  1. Reblogged this on Mum… how much longer? and commented:
    This is some advertising I couldn’t agree MORE with. After watching this when I was out driving the next time, with children in my car I might add, two cars/trucks went by at intersections. Both driven by men, both had their phones on their steering-wheels “dealing” with something. Excuse me?

    Not unlike last week-end when we were driving home from Terrace. It’s only two lanes – one up, one down – so it’s slightly “disconcerting” when you see two cars “approaching” your vehicle at a good speed. Eventually the car over-taking dove back into the correct lane and what a lovely pink phone she had on her steering-wheel whilst achieving all this. Sadly it didn’t match the green “N” stuck on her car.

    People, it really can happen in the blink of an eye, and it CAN happen to you… “mum, how much longer?”

    • Thank you Joanne for educating the public the danger of multi-tasking while driving. I totally agree. Pay attention to the road and focus. It will save life. A fraction of a second makes a big difference.

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