Last week, the train stopped in the middle of its run.  There was a computer malfunction.  It took two hours for my neighbor to come home; normally it only takes 30 minutes.  He was stuck inside the train during rush hour.  That train is pack like sardines.  Imagine being in close proximity with a group of people in summer. Body heat, temperature rising, temperament explosion.

Doodle by October Jones  Source: My Modern Net

Doodle by October Jones Source: My Modern Net

Boy, oh boy… that was hell, boy oh boy.

Skytrain attendants manually drove trains back to their platforms to ensure passengers could leave the system safely.

Wish me luck on my commute this week.

17 thoughts on “Commute

  1. oh geez I remember the winter we had two years ago, when the tracks froze and a tree fell on the new west side forcing transit staff to drive the trains manually, man I hated that! 40+ min waits at each stop! :S

    • For most times, the train is reliable. We are lucky, there are plenty of buses to take us home but of course we are so use to taking the fast train. I made it home in three hours today.

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