The Epic Battle Between Mary And Martha

The joy of Being.
Read MK’s comment what it means. A lovely post.

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As I entered my stifling hot car yesterday afternoon, I turned on the air conditioning. Then I switched on the radio, and I was immediately smacked upside the head by an interview with Anita Moorjani. She was recounting the lessons she learned from her near death experience. She spoke of how we are each unique Beings with our own unique purpose. And then she said “if your only purpose is to be you, you cannot fail”.

Anita Moorjani reminded me of my personal struggle between being versus doing. I spent decades working as a software developer. I was an analytic drudge. It was pure joy of an odd sort. It’s a kind of thinking that is actually a doing. It became my mode of living, instead of just a way to make a living.

The Source delivers frequent blessings in the form of reminders that our fulfillment comes in…

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4 thoughts on “The Epic Battle Between Mary And Martha

      • If you click “view original” it goes to it. If you click “…89 more words it doesn’t.” I made that same mistake then went back to check and viola saw the original.

        It’s an interesting question; to do or not to do and does that define one. My question to that is if one isn’t to do then why suffer? That, for me, gives merit to be content with just being, being alive is a gift. And although I am a doer I hope that when/if the day comes I will be content to just be. I certainly have those moments now, in between activity.

        Happy Sunday. ❤

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