The Dog that left us with joy.

Source: Gentle Doberman Community

Source: Gentle Doberman Community

Sultana came to us
as a puppy with long ears
and short tail.  

The long ears are so
pretty the way they were
we left them untouched.

We loved her to bits
since she was our first pet
our princess.

Spoiled rotten
cannot really get mad
at her loving nature.

Took her outside
for her daily morning rituals
before we go to work.

Came home one day
Sultana is gone
she died young.

No goodbyes

We are left with joy
a joy that only dogs know
how to give happiness.

25 thoughts on “The Dog that left us with joy.

      • I hope I didn’t offend you with my reply. It was not meant to be disrespectful to your belief. I consider myself part of the somewhat loyal opposition where god is concerned. I apologize. I would not want anything to come between the rapport you and I have built up these many moths, Smiles. >KB

      • No offence taken, KB. Your comment is quite normal and this is our standard response. That’s okay too if you oppose to god. Rest your mind, I wouldn’t want to miss reading your poetry. Cheers.

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