Clinging to relics

Relics are mementos. It could be a piece of rock or objects of personal nature that was left behind. There are plenty of these souvenirs at work.

relics brick

A brick from the demolished old building and replaced with a more elegant structure.

relics brick1

A century old brick used on roads.

What I enjoyed looking at is the old school chair and a rock because they are a work of art.  These are relics converted to art.

The artist stands beside these artifacts and I work with her.

20 thoughts on “Clinging to relics

  1. My relics have become almost holy relics – a handkerchief that belonged to my grandmother, my father’s Testment he carried with him in WWII, a piece of china from my great grandmother. I like having them around, visible memories of loved ones gone from sight.

    • Toni, we have the same thing. I still have one living thing that connects me to my Mother. I am trying to keep it alive but I think one day I have to give it a rest. Perpetua.

  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    As we declutter our house ready for sale it is difficult sometimes to distinguish between relic to be revered and carried to the next home or clutter. In front of me is a name badge Lt. CDR. E. COLEMAN. to anyone else it would mean nothing yet to me it is my father’s last name plate from the Royal Navy in 1977. Trouble is after all these years I have a lot of little items like this that I am afraid will have to be packed up and moved again and again and again. This post however has given me some ideas on how to rejuvenate some of our less memorable pieces to make them useful again. Thanks The Seeker.

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