Say Aaahhh…


NatGeo Dental ExamHaving a tooth implant takes more than a year to complete. Thank goodness, it’s over, for now.  That was an experience and a half.

Being in a dental surgeon’s office and part of their experiment (yes, I tend to place myself a lot as a guinea pig), there were two surgeons working to plant one tooth, additional two dentist watching and two dental assistants.  That’s a total of seven people, including me, in the room to work on just ONE tooth!

I could hear them say, Oooohhh – Aaaaahhh.  That is really good, Vincent.  Let me take a photo on that one.  Hey you guys, take a look at this.  Isn’t that a beauty?

That is just so annoying that I can’t even see what they were doing.  I wish they have installed a mirror on the ceiling. Not only that, they have taken thousands of photos of me and I did not get to see my selfie.

One year felt forever and it was the longest time of my life. Missing two Christmas dinners and New Years bash, plenty of birthday celebrations, Easter party, other lunches and dinners.  Most of my meal was practically baby food, no chewing involved.

For now, I am giving my mouth a rest and close it for a year.  I have one year to decide if I want to have the other front tooth done. Besides, I have a lot of eating to catch up.

Photograph by Wesley Thomas Wong posted at National Geographic.
“I was at the Museum of Natural History in Beijing with my daughter checking out the ‘contemporary life’ exhibits one day when I saw this scene. I thought the mouth display actually looked a lot better with people looking inside of it like in this photo, than it did without ……so I left a message in the comment box for the museum telling them my suggestion although I’m sure they probably ignored it….. particularly since I wrote it in English…… ;-)”


21 thoughts on “Say Aaahhh…

  1. I didn’t know having an implant was such an ordeal. I have a friend who has several and she never mentioned any of this. Guess I will keep the crowns and bridge I have.

    • I suppose your friend does not want to relive the ordeal :P. It was a crown for so over 40 years and the inside tooth broke. So I have to have an implant. The other one has a bit of a vein, a sign of a crack. It’s still holding so far.

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