To The Seeker Within You

This poem could easily be my story. Thank you, Noel.

Qumran view of Dead Sea

Qumran view of Dead Sea

To the Seeker Within You – 3/29/14

© Noel Abbott 2014. All rights reserved.

Dear Soul-Seeker,
You have traveled
this path
with no beginning
and no end
To think you have arrived
is to miss the moment
To believe
your life has no meaning
is to miss who you are
Your thoughts
your words
your actions
through the web
of the world
making it a different place
for all eternity
Knowing that
just live your life
as a prayer.

12 thoughts on “To The Seeker Within You

  1. Perpetua, this is truly well stated. I embrace everything about this and, particularly, the last few words to “live your life as a prayer.”

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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