17 thoughts on “What day is today?

      • Sometimes when I try to comment on your newest post, the message says, “This comment cannot be posted.”
        To solve that, I like the post first and then comment later when it is accepted.

      • Were you log in at WP? If you’re not, it does not accept a comment or a like. I am aware that some bloggers liked the post without viewing it. This action does not register in WP.

      • I am always logged before I visit blogs. But other blogs do not have the same ‘obstacles’ like yours. I could just comment in a flash.
        If I could not reply via WP, I do so via Gmail. That will tell you I having problems loading the site.

      • There are times I could read your most recent post and comment like today. But, most of the time, I am always asked to logged on first, even if I already logged on. If the long wait gave me the chance to post a comment, then the message appears later, “your comment cannot be posted.” That’s strange. 😦
        Then, I will try to comment after a day later, it is accepted.

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