This is a long exposure of fireflies at night in Iowa. Photo by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Radim Schreiber.

Photographed by Radim Schreiber  posted at  National Wildlife Photo Contest

A string of fireflies–
small lanterns that mark the path
I am following

HAIKU by Clark Strand

The last time I saw fireflies was in late 1990 in Concordia, Kansas.  It was magical that brought back memories of my childhood in the Philippines.  I’ve never seen any of these lightning bugs here in Canada.

Tell me, have you seen these in your area?

19 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. Last year, while we were chasing fourth of July fireworks in our backyard, I saw the glow of the fireflies. That was magical. The State normally sprays during the summer time to kill deadly mosquitoes (and the friendly insects along with them). But last year, there was no spray so there were fireflies and dragonflies and butterflies. 🙂

    • I hope they won’t spray again this year. There are far fewer essential bugs in the word. We need these bugs to continue the magic of being alive.

      • I’ve seen them sporadically back home; my parents use to have a backyard that backed onto a river (they’ve since moved) and at night you’d catch tiny glimpses up in the trees of floating, green lights! I’ve never seen any here; although perhaps on the ‘odd’ occasion when someone dresses up as such! *LOL* *teasing*; well, not really! 😉

  2. Yes. I saw fireflies last night at a friends house. Their dog was barking at them as if it had not seen them before. They were a nice accompaniment to a cool and happy evening.

  3. Beautiful! I was always fascinated by fireflies in my childhood. It’s known as Jugnu in my part of the world and poets have sung its praises.
    Thanks and regards.

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