Analysis Paralysis

Four simple questions to assess what writing is all about for me. When it comes to answering an assessment, I tend to go blank.  A writer’s block maybe? I shrug my shoulder, twitch my nose and say meekly ” I dunno know.”  I just write.  For most of the time, I let the fingers do the writing.  You may call it automatic writing.  The minute I use the brain, it becomes constipated.

It’s all a fantasy for me.  I can’t really, really write.  Remember this image I posted on February 4, 2014.  I’m still in the la-la land.

My Fantasy

My Fantasy

I did try to write answers to these questions Belsbror asked me his post Genuine Gems,

  • What am I working on?
  • How does my work differ from others of each genre?
  • Why do I write/create what I do?
  • How does your writing/creative process work

And I can only respond in picture form:
GIF writing cat trashI suppose this was due to a lack of volunteer that I can pass the virtual blog.  Thank goodness, a very good writer, and reader volunteered. This is no other than Kanzensakura, my virtual sister-in-hair for we are both “silver fox” and virtual Aunt to my nephew and niece.

The first time Kanzensakura left her footprints on my site was on  2013/02/25 at 11:56 pm

“what an amazing blessing this story has been to me. To think of all he did with just love and caring in his heart. such a giant of greatness in his small body. Thank you so much for sharing this. God bless you also for recognizing what a tremendous story and inspiration it is. I pray he gets more support and continues on this path of peace and love. “

I can feel the sincerity of her comment and from then on, I became her follower.

As for Belsbror, we are both from the Philippines.  It feels like he’s my older brother.  I love reading his stories. Filipinos love to tell stories especially spoken words, passed on from one person to another and it gets better and funnier.  Blesbror is a bonus for he loves to comment.  We bounce comments back and forth when there is no blackout on the island.  That means he stays up all night and goes to bed in the morning.  Hmmm… I wonder who’s planting rice in the field?

10 thoughts on “Analysis Paralysis

  1. I thank you most kindly for your introduction of me. If you had not used my name, I would have thought it was someone else, someone who is a much better person than I could ever be. I am glad you tok me up on my offer. I’m sorry other people did not. They have missed a marvelous opportunity. I can hardly wait to introduce you on my blog along with some other fine folks.

    • Toni, I should be thanking you for offering. Me, too. I could have promoted them on a personal level and be like their agent as Bels have said. I could speak highly of other people but when it comes to promoting my writing, I think the posts already speak for itself. Will be looking forward to your post. Blessings. Perpetua.

  2. I appreciate the special mention. I feel like a writer and you are my agent. (laughs)
    Quite a revelation what you have not revealed. That mystery will always bring us back here I am sure,
    Note: We plant for two days. The next three months’ job is maintenance, 😀

    • You are welcome. I can be an agent for everybody anytime. It’s easier to lift people up rather than pat my own back. I reveal my writing out of a blue when the spirit moves me and no special topic. Thus, a theme-less blog in between times. Only two days of planting. Gosh you have the best job ever!

      • My first post Visit me explained my theme-less blog. I tend to write anything under the sun. 😀
        The three months of maintenance could be a headache. Factor in the weather, pests, irrigation, inputs and all problems taking care of plants, it’s an exhausting ordeal.

      • Besides life is varied and I don’t want to be considered just a “traveler aka pilgrim” I did post quite a few of travels after a while having a one pointed mind (focus) made me feel like a dunce. dud 😛

  3. Well said. My dad used to use the term Analysis Paralysis. I have never heard anyone else use it. He was an electrical engineer with 24 patents. Writing is hard. I guess that’s why I take photos and paint. 😉

    • Christie, Your dad and me had the same education. It’s really difficult, you know. I wish I can just write in numbers, lines or maybe AC/DC. Keep taking photos, I’m starting to do the same as well.

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