I am not your Mother

Little Johnnie & Becca

Little Johnnie & Becca

There were many games we played, many songs I sang to lull you to sleep, ate gallons of ice cream and told the same stories over and over.  We tickled each other, tricked one another to a pretend cry spell, and see who can scream the loudest.  I must have bought you thousands of diapers for birthday gifts and Christmas presents.  You need to change your nappy and you don’t need toys.  We could easily make a toy such as paper kites, paper boats and paper dolls. We played on make shift toys that we used our imagination.  And that is priceless.

We have learned how to say the magic words “please” and “thank you.”  To wash our hands and say grace before meals are part of the ritual.  How many times have I said listen to your parents, I don’t care if you don’t listen to me.  I am not your Mother.

Now that you have grown, studied and wiser than I am since you always say “I know, I know, I know…” I will not sugar coat the world around you.  It is what it is.

You have succeeded in doing what you love doing in high school and you have done tremendously well.  I hope that you will continue to succeed in college or university.  A good education is beneficial in making a good livelihood in a competitive world.

Soon, you will enter the legal age and age of reasons.  I have no words of wisdom to share but I can share you what helped me about my “self.”

Consider these for yourself, “self”, as a person:

  • Develop a sensible lifestyle is a vital ingredient to succeed in life.  Keep in touch with what you have learned in your formative years, families, relatives and friends that will be a good influence to you.  Facebook friends are not “really friends.”
  • Keep healthy.  At the age of 19, you will be at a legal age to drink alcohol.  You learned how to drive first, next legal drinking age.  Do not drink and drive.  Keeping healthy does not mean having a well-proportioned body, pretty and masculine.  It means strong, fit and free from “radicals”.  Eat your fruit and vegetables.  Stay in contact with nature.
  • Have an objective in life.  Making money is not an objective but it is a means to an end.  Should your objective in life changes don’t let it distress you since we cannot predict what life is ahead of us or what is in store for us.  What is important is the striving towards what you specifically need, tangible or non-tangible.
  • Be part of human life.  Volunteer and be involved whether in the community, church or charity.  It is a rewarding aspect of life and personal growth without thought of payment or gain.
  • Use time wisely.  Don’t make excuses that you don’t have time.  Make time.  You spend a great time primping yourself in front of the mirror, worrying what dress to wear, how to look good, texting, face time, etc.   What  it really means is that you did not make use of your time wisely.  Make time to list a must do, should do and could do.  Better yet, just one list: To Do.
  • Exercise self-discipline.  I know there are so many things that you want but learn to differentiate what wants and needs.  It makes life a lot easier.

Above all, remember to remain faithful and reliable.  This way, you will find yourself dependable and others can depend on you, too.

My sweet Becca and Johnnie, continue striving to realize your potential in life, welcome your independence and be self-confident.  Life has so much to offer.

Congratulations.  God bless you.  With love and prayers always, Tita Lady.

32 thoughts on “I am not your Mother

  1. excellent advice to them. Lovely gorgeous kids. Again, my heartiest congratulations to them and best wishes. And my word of advice as a long distance cyber auntie: it is not always necessary to be right, but it is to be kind. My grandmother’s advice to me when I graduated.

    • I hope they will grow as a happy adult. It’s much harder now, I think due to technology. It was a good day today. Went to a two-year old birthday party. It was fun. And you, tk. Take care.

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