Facial Contrast

The shape of your face


I wear glasses in all styles and colours.  In order for me to find what what style of frames suit my face, I have to know the shape of my face.  Trying  the frames first to find the contrast on my face is the deciding factor.

What shape is your face and what style of frame do you use?

22 thoughts on “Facial Contrast

  1. Small and rectangular. I walked in the store with two friends who were helping me choose. While they looked around, I found them in under three minutes and I love them! I detest shopping, so they shouldn’t have been surprised. But they were. It took longer to pay than it did to find. LOL

  2. I found Granny’s first pair of glasses, they’re hippy style, like John Lennon’s and they’re a little pink. I guess they’d suit me best 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Relaxt Sunday 🙂

  3. These days, I go for the sturdiest pair I can find. I favor the one with the retractable ear hooks (or however they are called) as a failsafe against a child’s curious hands. 🙂

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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