Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not)

Do you like to touch or do you like to be touch?

Some people cannot help but touch.  That’s just the way they were born.  It just happened that we have one sweet person in our family that loves to touch too much.  I remember asking him in a kind way to stop it, keep your hands to yourself or do something creative with your hands.

How does one encourage to make these hands and fingers useful is the common question for adults especially the parents and teachers.  What type of activity can we suggest to a child that will be beneficial for his growth?

Mind you from this child we received plenty of hugs since he loves to touch in a loving way.  Then one day, the answer came from hitting the right notes.

Music!  Piano and trumpet are the answers.  These instruments love his fingers and touch not to mention having a lip contact with the trumpet.  From his lips, it was hard for me to pull out any information about his love affair with the music.  Needless to say, I have to do investigative work in order to brag about my nephew, Johnnie.
John seating arrangements

I found out that since he entered high school starting Grade 8 to 12,  he performed in  concert and jazz band in British Columbia, New Orleans, Banff and Honolulu.  Hawaii would have been a good place for me to join the family, however, work beckons.

The genius of a young mind with a gift of music comes alive under the right guidance of the parents, family, teachers and community. Going on the right direction, he will pursue his love for music and enrolled in a Jazz Musical Program in University.

I asked Johnnie what type of music they played and what are his favourites:

“I played a song called Root Beer Rag by Billy Joel for my recital. For my Hawaiian trip my jazz band play many songs one I really liked was Backrow Politics. It’s a jazz song. For concert band we played many songs including one of my favourites the Carnival of Venice.”

It is a marvelous feeling to hear him play all that jazz and finally having the magic touch that elicits a feeling of harmony.  Now, no one would dare to say to Johnnie “Noli me Tangere” with his golden fingers.

12 thoughts on “Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not)

  1. Well done nephew – what a wonderful experience! I love the trumpet – I played it grades 8 to 11 and had the BEST time going around the state playing 🙂

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