Farewell to the Graduates

I am living my life vicariously from looking at the photos of the graduates this year in my family.  When I graduated, I have vague memories of it.  I think I skipped the graduation for reason unknown.  It must be the rebel in me when I was younger.

And now some photos for your viewing to give you an idea of a graduation celebration and for documentation purposes.

The graduating class lit a candle and shared the light to Grade 11 to light up his candle. This is a symbol of leadership role that the Grade 11 will move into the new school year.

Graduation pins are blessed distributed to the Grade 11 to give to the graduating class as a present.

Grades 11 gave the graduating pins to the graduates.

This is a special ceremony for the graduates of St. Patrick School, a wonderful farewell tradition. Finally!!!



6 thoughts on “Farewell to the Graduates

  1. Nice! I didn’t go to my graduation either. I was valedictorian and refused to give the speech. That rebellion thing. My parents wanted me to but respected. I had the diploma, I had the GPA, I had some scholarships….I was cool with the rest. Congrats to the grads in your family. It looks like a wonderful and meaningful ceremony.

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