Subject: Self-Improvement

 Photograph: Alamy

Photograph: Alamy

Mother freaked out (again) because Son forgot (again) to turn in his homework on time and even missed some items. His homework grade score suffered as a result.  So Father and Son had to talk.  Immediately after the rather serious talk, the 12-year old son wrote and send an email to his parents.

Dear Mom and Dad:

Subject: Self-Improvement

I know that I have been forgetting / not turning in some of my work at school and I wanted to apologize for that and some previous problems.

I know I need to try harder in all of my classes and try to focus on everything that the teacher instructs.

The only way I can think to do that is to give up most of my free time and use it for my studies as I now know should be top priority.

I should think of anything that I need to do for school and do it.

Once I am completely sure that I have done everything, I may use the remaining time to do other things (computer, book, etc.).  School now ends when I finish my homework rather than after I am let out of school.

If you feel I am missing something on this list, please feel free to mention it.

I’ll try to keep up with these standards as best I can and I’m sorry for stressing you guys out and not being the son you want me to be.

Yours truly,

Like every parent want to prepare their children to be successful in life (hopefully not pushing too hard) especially Mother is an elementary school teacher.

Son is doing well.  He actually has excellent grades and is in the gifted student program taking advance subjects. But he sometimes doesn’t take things seriously enough (more like Father like Son).  Still, he managed to be on his school’s current newsletter as one of the 6th grade’s student of the month.

At the end of school, Mother was voted by her peers to receive the monthly award for “endurance”, plus some gift cards.  Son was recognized for his debating skills – yes, he can argue his point well.  Daughter survived her first school year as a math teacher (Grades 9-12).

Father received most of the awards – Mother, Son and Daughter.

6 thoughts on “Subject: Self-Improvement

  1. Sad to read that letter. The son seems to think he’ll not measure up as a son simply due to their judgement. I hope as he grows he can learn to be kinder to himself. As a serious-sounding 12-year-old, he still has time.

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