18 thoughts on “Writers, what do you really do?

  1. I love the “What i really do” How often you try to push your mind to tell them him “now think on something” but it is hard. But then you go out in the middle of a family dinner you take a pen and start writing or making nots 😀 You should see my wife’s eyes rolling

      • My poetry, since I was 18 – 35, have been published in various collections and periodicals. since I am not a “book” author, I don’t consider myself as a published writer. Didn’t mean to hit that option though.

  2. Ha ha, love it because it’s SO true – I tidy and reorganize things when I have something that REALLY needs doing so that way I feel justified for having not done it! 🙂

    • I just let it gather moss or dust for me, Joanne. Then I pick up all of my notes, dump them all in a bin and start all over again, FRESH. 😛

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