Take Time to Love

Take time to do anything and everything with love. Have a blessed Sunday everyone. This post says it all.


luvgif“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” quote Oscar Wilde


I believe in times like this, when our world is more concentrated on death, hurt, insanities, wars, politics, control, power, greed, & imbalances of every kind ….

WE need to step back & remember to love.

Wherever you are at today – give the gift of love.

Give an expression of love in your own way. Give a dimension of love that someone may not have or be able to appreciate quite yet —-> but give some love anyway.

Love can be expressed in many ways …

A sincere undeserved hug, a smile that expresses understanding & acceptance, a wonderfully prepared hot dinner. Or how about bringing the love & happiness of our children into the spotlight & make sure they know that you are there to love them & guide…

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