Presumed Heterosexual

Look at it at the point of view when a child is born.  

May 17there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.“ ~ Pierre Elliot Trudeau

“There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” Those unforgettable words made famous by Pierre Trudeau in 1967 caused a tidal wave of controversy that rippled across the entire nation. Trudeau’s Omnibus Bill brought issues like abortion, homosexuality and divorce law to the forefront for the first time, changing the political and social landscape in Canada forever.”

Awareness day: May 17 is National Day Against Homophobia.

Public school system in British Columbia is gradually adopting a strict policy on anti-homophobia in order to create a safe structured learning environment for the children and it’s employees. 

These posters are educational materials used in an ongoing staff development that I attended.

Do you know that homophobia is one of the major causes of drugs, alcoholism and suicide on children?  So think twice or more before acting negatively, it can have a devastating effect.

10 thoughts on “Presumed Heterosexual

  1. These are great posters. I hope this campaign is successful; encourage children to be open and hopefully the parents will follow.

    • It was a successful campaign. The children were so animated and felt relieved for educating us. Some parents I know of are now supportive of their children’s orientation. Thank goodness. Thank you, Su.

  2. Since I was a child there have beens many changes in society, schools … but then we also hear too often about bullying. Especially cyber bullying. But I still think we’ve made progress, despite ourselves!

    Thanks for the thoughtful post, Perpetua! 🙂

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