Say it with flowers


What a beautiful thing, a bouquet of tulips for me.  Thank you.

Knowing that Mum, how much longer will be in town for a couple of days in Vancouver waiting for the cruise ship to take her and her family to Alaska, I immediately said: Coffee is on me!  The last time she was here, we didn’t even know that we were in the same place when there was free hugs for hunger.

When meeting someone for the first time, we gave each other a clue so we can find one another.

Mum said that she will be the person with two heavy bags under her eyes on the hotel lobby waiting. Me, I will be that silver fox with  long hair. Well, I did not see any woman with heavy bags.  Mum found me first.  It’s so easy to spot a long silver hair but not the fox. Who am I kidding.

It was a real pleasure to meet a blogger in person.

We chatted animatedly as if we were long-lost friend over coffee and dinner by the Waterfront of Vancouver.  Thank goodness, the weather cooperated and not a drop of precipitation.

Mum and family must be in the middle of the ocean by now and have passed the narrow inside passage of Vancouver Island.

Thank you again for the flowers, Mum, and for taking the time to meet with me.  Safe journey.

32 thoughts on “Say it with flowers

  1. The pleasure was all mine Silver Fox – thank you again for taking the time to meet me – what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!!! 🙂

  2. Sounds like fun! Gotta love that, to put a face with a blog…we share our hearts. You were one if the first bloggers I ever got to know. You are such a blessing. If I ever get to Canada I will come find you! Diana

  3. What a nice post! I too am a silver fox – at least I like to think so! My mother says, that after I wash my lonnnggg hair and blow it dry and it is all full and glisteny white, that I look like one of those wild Japanese demons…so I’m sticking with silver fox. lol

      • You must be my long lost sister! Me, too. Spent lost of dinero to stay blue black and then I decided, enough. The rest is history.

      • I was in hospital about 6 years ago for cancer treatment and surgery. I had started turning white haired early and after a few dye sessions, decided it was not worth the time or the money. My husband and mother freaked because when they came to the hospital room ater I had been brought up from recovery room, my hair was white. I aint even thought about dyeing it.

      • Hope that the treatment is successful. Not worth it, Kanzen. Why hide our singular beauty with false beauty.

      • Praise God, cancer free. I am always amazed when I see people dyeing their hair, as if it will make them look 20, or 30 still. I know several Asian ladies in the church I atten who have their hair touched up without fail every month. One was sick for awhile and could not. I saw her before she came to church after her illness and she had an inch of pure white grow-out. She had developed a skin condition and would not be able to have her hair dyed so she was not coming to church until her hair could be – a space of several months. I smiled and asked her, do you think God doesn’t know what you really look like, inside or out? She looked at me harshly and frowned. I told her why my hair was white and that I considered it a badge of honor proof that I had been saved from cancer and still had a job to do for God here on earth. I asked her, maybe God is touching you and reminding you we are all made of dust and to start working for Him in our limited time? Well, she stopped dyeing her hair. And to be truthful, she looked 20 years older, softer, and more approachable. She became part of a ministry to teenagers and is still powerful among them. and often seems, to be the youngest among them. 🙂

      • Not at all. Because I know it is because of God and His grace and love that not only did I survive but what is most amazing, is the tumor that was the size of a tennis ball and lymph glands that were all infected prior to the surgery, when the MD went in, the tumor had shrunk and the lymph glands were clean. My mother and husband said when he came to them after surgery, he was so amazed and kept thinking of scans and xrays prior. They knew a miracle had occurred. I truly do praise God for His love for me.

  4. Sorri again for being stuck with work, but! I’ll book a day off next time 🙂 now, if you’ll excuse me i’m gonna get on a speedboat and rush after that cruise ship!

    • You are forgiven. Were you able to catch up, Andy? Sorri for a late reply. I thnk they are coming back soon on Thursdsay. Why don’t you meet them and wave a white flag.

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