I am not alone


Right now,
there are people all over the world
who are just like you.

They’re lonely.
They’re missing somebody.
They’re in love with someone
they probably shouldn’t be in love with.

They have secrets you wouldn’t believe.
They wish and they dream and they hope,
and they look out the window whenever they’re
in the car or on a bus or a train and they watch people
on the streets and wonder what they’ve been through.
They wonder if there are people out there like them.

They’re like you,
and you could tell them everything
and they would understand.

And right now,
they’re sitting here reading these words,
and I’m writing this for you
so you don’t feel alone anymore.

Source: Lessons Learned In Life

24 thoughts on “I am not alone

  1. I read an article a while back that reported on a survey; something like half the married people surveyed (in Britain, although it could be anywhere) were not in love with the person they married, because the person they loved was married to or in love with someone else. And it stands to reason that in many cases, the person they loved was also not in love with the person they married, and so on. Pretty sad when you think about it. 😕

  2. Nice one!
    It’s quite a consolation that we are not alone, but wouldn’t it be more rewarding if we could look within and draw up inner strength to make a difference wherever we find ourselves?
    If I become my own best friend, I can never be bored. Infact, being alone would be more fun than having many lonely friends in the same shoe with me.
    Lovely post!

    • Teeccee, you are absolutely right. I don’t mind being in the company of lonely people as long as they are filed with negativity. I wonder if there is such thing. Thank you.

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