Leave your “i” behind.

Canada’s renowned scientist David Suzuki received an Award for Science from the U.S. National Wildlife Federation DrSuzuki-computerSmcalling him “one of our strongest allies north of the border.” 

“Our highest priorities must be the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil that provides food and the biodiversity that keeps us alive and healthy.”   – Dr. David Suzuki

He is also a nature enthusiast that makes use realize that nature is good for all of us. It’s a known fact that we benefit by spending more time outdoors than spending more face time. I can attest to that.

Being at work 7 hours a day in front of the computer contributes very little for my well-being.  The minute I take coffee and lunch breaks that means green time for me. A walk around the block can depressurized me and calms me down.  Spending time in nature reduces the negative results of automatic thoughts and redirects my mind to being playful and extrovert.

This is plain science and all I need is me as the guinea pig.

For the month of May, David Suzuki launched the 30 x 30 Nature challenge by spending 30 minutes in nature for 30 days. That is doable.  I extend this challenge whoever reads this wherever you are in planet earth.  This is not limited to Canadians.

So I say to you, get off your butt, walk away from the computer, go outside, breath and relax.  Not to mention, unplug yourself from any gadgets and open your ears to the sound around you.  Leave your “I” behind. No iPhone, iPod or iPad.  Can you do that?

Then come back and tell me what you did in 30 minutes and how it fells. See that space below for comment?  That is for you.

29 thoughts on “Leave your “i” behind.

  1. Alleluia!! This is music to my ears! I had this very same thought yesterday as Monty and I enjoyed a happy, healthy 40 mins on our daily bush walk!! : )))

  2. Seeker, you taking time to acknowledge an individual who has made a positive / dynamic impact (on our troubled planet) is so good. Good words for good people, at a good time… in the midst of pressures and false messages, trials, woundedness … The healing balm of nature is indescribable to me. I struggle with getting inside, enough, to be productive. Thanks for this post, and … final thought … Have you ever heard of “Nature Deficit Disorder”? A book was written, and the author’s name eludes me: “Last Child In The Woods”. Okay. Peace to you Seeker. T

    • I can see that on your gravatar, you are an outdoorsy person. Richard Louv is the author of the book. I must revisit this topic. Take Care, T. /seeker.

  3. This is a great idea. In my office , we have to go daily to another school to have stuff signed and I always volunteer to walk there as it gets me out to the fresh air and away from the computer. I do like that little break and walk on my own. Sometimes I pop to the shop and buy myself some flowers for my office too!

    • Lucky you, Ute. You get to go out to another school. I’m stuck inside unless I make sure I visit the closes school and watch the kids play during their lunch break. Flowers, wow!

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