Spring Cleaning

I heard the faint song of the chickadee. It was the female bird looking very pregnant ready to give birth. She was calling for her mate and he eventually came. Being a male, he took his time in responding to her call.

They are back to nest.spring cleaning

He came to check the house. He turned his tail this way, that way, poked his head inside the hole, tapped the wood, turned some more, moved on top of the house, moved down again on the perch.  He was taking forever checking out the house and then he flew away. The female bird was left behind.

Now what! Where on earth did he go? Is he abandoning his future family? What a philandering bird, I thought.

She looked confused. I think I was more confused than the bird and wondered how come he did not go inside the house?  She looked so sad. Not her, it’s me that was sad because she flew away as well.

I went out to check the bird house. The old nest was still in there and I don’t see anything nor do I hear anything  unusual inside.

Maybe there’s something else other than the old nest. Maybe they don’t like a dirty house. Too man maybe going in my mind and it was actually a simple forgetfulness of doing spring cleaning.

So I cleaned up the house and found out a queen bee inside with a lone slave. Can’t let the queen bee procreate and produce a million minions living in my balcony. Therefore, I let her go and she flew away as fast as she could.

The birds did not return.  I will just have to wait for next spring and hopefully remember to do spring cleaning.

“Letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life.” ~Unknown

19 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I love the sounds of Spring, dear seeker! And yes, perhaps it is a good reminder for (me) to start cleaning and thinking good, Spring thoughts! No much sign of it here yet in CHItown. Big hugs dear, Cher xo

      • *grin* Thank you as always, dear seeker! We are getting up to about 83F today (26C)! Ah, yes, I love Spring clean my thoughts! Why, that should be on a poster!! Thank you!! Big hugs my dear, Cher xo

      • There were two eggs. hummingbirds. They were so cute. But we did our best not to disturb while they were hatching and growing. In fact, we bypassed the front porch as much as we could. We even got visitors to enter through the garage for a few weeks!

  2. Nice to see you are at the start of things. We are in Autumn here in Sydney and the evenings have adopted a new chill. But at least there is no need for spring cleaning go a while!! : ))

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