Sakura for Jae

Here’s something to look forward to when you visit Canada in spring.  I kid you not, Sakura is all over the place in Canada.

This is just one tree.  Imagine walking underneath the boulevard all lined up with Sakura, it’s snowing pink petals.
sakura jae

“What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.” 
― Kobayashi IssaPoems

This is nothing in comparison to my fascination with this yellow flower when I first arrived here in Canada. I just love these Lions of the Spring. One cannot appreciate the beauty of Cherry blossoms without having to fall for these beast.
Lions of the Spring


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring.

18 thoughts on “Sakura for Jae

  1. Lovely! I actually thought cherry blossoms were just a Japan/China thing, but lately I’ve been seeing friends’ photos of them in the US, Europe, Australia, and now Canada. Glad everyone can enjoy them no matter where they are in the world!

    • YES…. they are all over now. They are pretty when they bloom in different stages of spring. One goes, another comes until the later part of spring. Do you have any Sakura in your area?

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