The Big Message of an Egg

This is no ordinary breakfast.

As you can see
how sorrowful the rest of the eggs are.

Sunny side up or
Over easy.

Food for the soul.

Cheer up!

The big message:
that there is something essential
that you only know by dying
to who you think you are!

You really don’t know
what life is
until you know
what death is.

” Death and life are two sides of one coin, and you cannot have one without the other.”  Transformative Dying

Image source: Julia Quinn

20 thoughts on “The Big Message of an Egg

  1. Very right. Those who have yet to live with death shall not know what life is. Because only when treading on the line, do we know the ease of walking on stable grounds. By the way, the picture is awesome.

  2. Yes, and dying to yourself is a lifelong process that involves descent into shadow and the possibility of being visited by joy.

    Here’s an old favorite on death:

    Die while you are alive
    And be absolutely dead.
    Then do whatever you want.
    It’s all good.

    BUNAN (1603-1676)

  3. Exactly. Years ago, when my Samurai was teaching me the art of war (and katana), he said to me: always accept your death as a given. You will be freed from worry about the outcome. never will you feel so alive. and he was right.

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