On Top of the World

We were young and restless.
We had lots of energy.
We were invincible.
We were on top of the world.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

One man and six women went on a trip of a lifetime.  The man was on top of the world, singing you are my sunshine as he drove Highway Zero.  He was surrounded by women from different parts of the world:  Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Jewish, Canadian and a Flip (that’s me).  The man was the leader of the pack to take these women for a week of wilderness: hiking and camping.

Lake Louise is the best place in Canadian Rockies and the best way to be on top of the Rockies is to hike.  Was it hard?  You bet, it was! But once you are on top of the mountain looking at the glaciers and the crystal clear lake, you will forget the aches and pains that you endured.  It’s breathtaking.

Balu Pass

Balu Pass

Do you think we had enough of Lake Louise?  Nope.  There are more mountains to hike and climb.  What do you think of 6,000 feet above sea level?  Balu Pass Trail is another one.  Balu is derived from an Indian name “baloo” meaning bear.  We forgot that this is bear country but we were very brave to hike and reach the summit.  We were surrounded by glaciers and alpine vegetation.

Orit in living colour

Orit in living colour

Orit is a fun Jewish young lady. I have fond memories of her when it comes to meal time.  We took turns cooking. When it comes to cooking, of course, we have to think what to cook and shop for the ingredients. I happened to like meat especially pork and that’s what I cooked for dinner. I didn’t know at the time that Jews do not eat pork. She did not mind at all and ate the pork with gusto in order not to offend anybody in the group.  That for me, she came on top for being a good sports.

28 thoughts on “On Top of the World

  1. First, thank you for liking my latest post (Mount Seymour & Deep Cove, BC). And, second, how wonderful to read this post about your trek in the Lake Louise area. When I lived in Calgary, I was up there a lot, often skiing, and it’s such a pleasure to go there again, through your eyes and responses.

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