This causes me to tremble

Was I there?

At the crack of dawn, when everybody is still asleep, before the narrow streets of Old Jerusalem turn into a market place and become crowded with people, we were there to do the Via Dolorosa and reflect what it was to be there.

Via Dolorosa is a Way of Sorrow.  It is long winding narrow streets of Old Jerusalem starting from Ecce Homo Convent to the Basilica of Holy Sepulchre.  We carried the cross as the way Jesus carried it from being judge by Pilate and the people at the Judgement Hall all the way to Golgotha, the site of the crucifixion.
carry cross

There are fourteen stations that we stopped along the way:

I. Jesus is condemned to death

II. Jesus takes up the Cross

III. Jesus falls under the Cross for the first time

IV. Jesus meets his Mother

V. Simon the Cyrenian is forced to carry the Cross

VI. Veronica wipes the sweat from Jesus’ face

VII. Jesus falls for the second time

VIII. Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem

IX. Jesus falls for the third time

X. Jesus is stripped of his garments

XI. Jesus is nailed to the Cross

XII. Jesus dies on the Cross

XIII. Jesus is taken down from the Cross

XIV. Jesus is laid to the tomb.

I was there twice and helped carried the Cross.  The weight of the Cross is heavy that it takes four people to carry but the weight of the real Cross in this world is much heavier to carry as I depicted in this post here.

This causes me to tremble.

9 thoughts on “This causes me to tremble

  1. That particular piece, “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?” is a most haunting … redemptively haunting … song. This blog is very powerful. I want to reblog this. Any objections?
    I’ve never done anything like this, before. Peace, T

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