Westminister Free Clinic

Making a difference in the community: Volunteer

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

My husband, Terry, and I volunteer Wednesday nights at a

free medical & legal clinic. I see patients and he sees people

with medical questions. I also have a volunteer gig at our

local public TV station, hosting shows. I was privileged to

be the host of the director of The Westminister Free Clinic,

where doctors, dentists, lawyers, nurse practitioners, dieticians,

chiropractors, and high school volunteers every Wednesday

night all year round. For a large part of the community, this

is the only health care they get. It’s non-government funded

and run exclusively by the kindness of those who can help, and

do. Being a part of this community service has been a real gift

for me and my husband. I hope you watch, enjoy, and feel free

to share the video. It’s also a hope it helps to inspire other

communities to follow suit so those without access to…

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