A Mystical Garden

Olive trees are in abundance in Holy Land but what I wanted to see, touch, hug and take a leafy twig is the olive tree where Jesus prayed at the Garden of Gethsemane.  I am pretty sure everyone that visits this garden has the same idea as me.  If we ever touch, hug and take a twig from the olive tree, we would have loved the tree to death.

An iron gate enclosed the trees to keep them safe and unreachable from the public.  It is a very soulful place to imagine what happened during Jesus’ time.  I don’t believe that these are the same trees but according to scientific evidence, these trees are about a 1,000 years old. Jesus’ time was about 2,000 year ago.
P187a Olive Tree
When we visited the garden, pruning of the trees was happening to encourage new growth.  There were plenty of cuttings on the ground.  I approached the gardeners if I could have a twig.  One lady waved her finger indicating no.  It was rather absurd that I can’t have a twig when the cuttings may be thrown away.

I stood by the fence for the longest time watching them prune and longing for an olive branch.  Then one of the gardeners came towards me and gave me a leafy twig.  Bless her heart.

I walked away filled with gratitude and to catch up with the group that are already in the Church of All Nations.

The Church is reserved for an hour for us to spend time by the rock where Jesus wept and perspired blood.  It is a holy hour of quiet meditation, prayer and thanksgiving. In thanksgiving for having the olive leaves, I placed it on the rock.  These leaves will be a symbol that I have something original and not bought from the market place.  A holy souvenir that I’m proud to take home with me.

One hour went by so fast when I was in deep meditation.  The effect of being silent is rejuvenating as if I my inner garden has been worked on.

What happened next is unthinkable when I picked up the leafy twig, plucked one leaf at a time, gave them to my co-pilgrims and said peace be with you.

What made me do this?  I took the courage and the trouble to get the olive twig only to give them away.  I did not see this coming.

I was left with a leafless twig.  I kept the twig for the longest time and carried it with me in my purse only to give that away as well.

The strangest part is I was happy to give them away.

18 thoughts on “A Mystical Garden

  1. Your olive twig reminds me of a story I used to read to my kids called, My Turn On Earth. It’s about a little girl to comes to earth then prepares for her return “Home” taking with her what she thinks is important, only to have given each item way to someone in need before she can arrive “home”

  2. One of the paradoxes of the Great Creator,
    one that I write about often because I must be reminded,
    “You cannot keep the love until you give it away…”
    Love, hugs and blessings … ME and the Boss

  3. That has happened to me too. I visited the Basilica of St. Francis and found some of the reddish stone which had crumbled from the walls and brought them home with me. While I cherished them because of their proximity to St. Francis and St. Clare and the Holy Spirit Who had been in their presence during that time, I ended up giving almost all of it away to very holy Franciscans who had never been there. To them, I’m sure it was even more precious.

  4. Joyous Palm Sunday, Seeker! I gave up my blogging for Lent then decided for a few reasons it may be best to just discontinue it altogether. Yet I do remember you and your writing and have read some more of your blog. Fond remembrance with you on this Palm Sunday morning.

    • Joy to you as well, BP. Blogging does keep us away from focusing what is important. The Lenten season is an opportunity for us to spend time with the Lord. I think fondly of my pilgrimage at Holy Land and there are so much story to tell about the glory of Jesus. Have a blessed day always. Seeker.

  5. You shared your peace and your spiritual olive tree grew with the gift, just like the gardener who broke the rules to give you a pruned twig. You could say in that way you and your fellow pilgrims were grafted to this holy place. Your gift kept the connection alive. A genuinely spiritual moment. Thanks for sharing this beautiful vignette.

  6. This tree is extraordinary, dear Seeker, and your story is so special. Granny experienced it with a rose quarts. She got it from her therapist years ago, but in her heart she felt that she had to give it away to someone who needed it more, than she did and gave it away and after that she felt very happy. Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday 🙂

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