I came to visit Debbie’s site today for a long silence and I am sorry to read that she is an Angel now. Our moments were brief yet she touched me. With love, Perpetua.

"Ye Shall Know Me by My Fruits"

So, friends, have you done it?  You’ve had seven days to do it.  Most of you probably have—written out your New Years goals, right?

This was a yearly “must” for my sisters and I, for years!  We were meticulous and, there were short a936494_369282396532037_68894665_nnd long-term goals; categories and by what date we should have accomplished them.  I’d always finish before the 31st of December, no buts or if’s about it!  Perfectionism flowed through my blood!  It pumped me up everyday better than CPR!  Life has inevitably slowed me down; disease and age have had their sway, too.  However, unless WISDOM wasn’t part of this mixture of daily living, I’d probably be making detailed lists up to this day.  Don’t take me wrong, I’m all for goals, stretching oneself to greater heights, chasing new dreams and, reaching brighter horizons.

Life has not only paced my race but has taught me…

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3 thoughts on “SQUEEZE TIGHT!

  1. We had given each other encouragements in private email and I have been worried about her with no replies. Now I know. She was really a poet with original use of word, metaphor, simile and language flow. She was one of only 5 poets I follow.She’ll be missed. I see I was last one on comments on the post you reproduced. I am genuinely sad to today.

    • I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news Mr. DaG. Not only that she is a poet, she fills me up with her love for humanity and our Creator. My heart is so heavy,

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