“I’m Not Dead , Only Waiting to Sing”

"Ye Shall Know Me by My Fruits"


IOPEN LINK NIGHT  Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Help me with my un-perceived progress

I stand still, everything around me sweeping

Like a Kansas tornado.

So many

voices within, held down and pressed,

It scares me to hear such a composing

Of songs I alone know


I pan for gold but all I’m left with is dirt,

Years are one Day to eternity’s mathematics

And yet, You see gold today.

I must be blind by mortality’s mud and hurt

Or reality’s crush and deafening static,

All that must with time decay.


What is hidden can always be found

If the search is sincere and I keep my heart,

If the mists are under my feet

The treasure is on sacred, holy ground

Along the stream of light that favors a lark

At sun’s turned up face in peace.


It’s all so momentary!  A second estate.

This reflection…

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