No attachments

No attachment

Quite the contrary.  I must say I have grown fond of writing down thoughts that came to my mind, sharing it with you, your comments and banter.  To read so many good post of essays, haiku, poems, personal thoughts, humour, arts and photography, I will sorely miss.  And that is an attachment in some ways.  One thing that I don’t want to lose sight is my belief and faith.  And that is not an attachment.  It’s my life.

On the other side of life, I received notices from friends in Facebook that they will be off-line during Lenten season as part of fasting.  Thinking about fasting, I will be participating as well not in Facebook but from posting blogs.  In Facebook that’s where I do most of the spiritual side of me.  Lent will start on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday, March 5 to April 20, 2014.

The good news about fasting during Lent, weekend is not counted.  Maybe, just maybe, I will participate on the Weekly Photo Challenge and post the Sunday Snippet.  Whew, that is relief for me. This does not mean that I will abstain from reading your post and liking it. I will still be hovering around at a lesser frequency during weekdays.

What I will abstain from is commenting, thus the sound of silence.

18 thoughts on “No attachments

  1. I do not have a mobile phone. It allows me to have time to listen to my inner self and the people around me.

  2. Joyous Lent to you Seeker. Just as Christ went into the wilderness to pray…we too must take our retreat from “the world.”
    Peace and Wisdom

  3. Sounds like a plan. I do a once a week computer fast every Sunday. At first it was hard but not bad now. One year I fasted from TV during Lent. I still don’t watch TV seven years later.

  4. May God speak in your silence. I honor you and your quest as you hunger and thirst after Him my friend. I look forward to whatever He shares as you continue your pilgrimage. God bless you and keep you as His face shines upon you, Diana
    (P.S No reply required, you are blessed.)

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