So far NOT good.

I am having cravings.
I am thinking of crispy bacon.
It must be the thought of abstinence.
So, in preparation for Fat Tuesday,
I will definitely eat bacon.bacon (1)
Yummers, this looks so delicious.
A cardiac delight.
I might just die happy eating this TONS of bacon.
I did eat this last year and
TA DA, I’m still hear.

36 thoughts on “So far NOT good.

  1. When you’ve had heart attacks and triple by-pass you learn NO bacon, pepperoni, salami and sausage a rare treat but boiled first to get rid of half the fat.

    Just look in the pan a while later after you cook the bacon. That hard white stuff is killing the veins and heart. It is a minor diet change to add years and health to life.

    • I hear you. When I cook meat, I actually let the fat settle first, harden and scoop them all up. I have a can full of “fatty substance” in the fridge. And just to let you know, I don’t cook bacon and eat them probably once in the blue moon. That was a year ago and the last time I ate bacon :P.

    • I am glad I read the comments – because I heard someone else recently say something about the boiling of certain meats first – so thanks for noting that tip here.

      also, there was this big kick here recently where folks were heating and then drinking coconut oil – and well, what started the trend was a couple of studies that said coconut oil was great for helping alzheimer’s – and well, it is still fat – and it still can clog- not like animal fat – but still…

      anyhow, Carl – appreciated the comment – and Seeker – thanks for a fun photo with this post! πŸ™‚

  2. I noticed today, the package of bacon I bought expires 03/03. So, I cooked it up and put some in the freezer to keep and the other I had for breakfast – just bacon and my daily Coca-Cola. Bacon – breakfast of champions!

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