Feeding the heart

winter bird
Today is  new day.
I am creature of habit
Bird watching weather permitting
Standing at the entrance of the park
With a handful of bird seeds
The seeds will feed the birds
The joy of birds feeding
Will feed my heart.

Image source: Barb Markway

15 thoughts on “Feeding the heart

  1. Beautiful thoughts and action, Seeker. I feed the birds in our yard from 3 places, making sure they always have food. To watch them flutter and and gather and hear their little chirps an voices and eat to their heart’s content is truly a special joy. And, I have seen another MOST beautiful feeding of the birds too, more than once, in more than one major city (NYC, Washington DC, Baltimore) Homeless people, people without a safe warm place to live, people without regular meals, people without jobs or a satisfying daily routine, people likely with few friends/relationships…Homeless People who make it their daily job/ routine to gather bread from bakeries or dumpsters, to provide for creatures even smaller than themselves, to participate in that joy of watching a little flock gather and chirp and eat to their heart’s content. I’ve seen this joyful vision and think about it each and every time I feed the birds.

    • Oh yes, those so called homeless people are very generous and compassionate with animals. I love to watch them myself. I remember having a favourite pan handler that adopted a pigeon. Now most homeless have dogs and cats that they take along with them living on the street. Keep on feeding the birds. They are gift from God.

      • Hi Seeker- I certainly hope that my use of the word Homeless did not sound demeaning or disparaging in any way…Goodness knows that without the help of my family right now that I too would be-could be homeless…
        Happy Weekend, March 1, almost Lent, to you

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