Computer Repair

Caller :  Hi, our printer is not working.
Customer Service:   What is wrong with it?
Caller :  Mouse is jammed.
Customer Service:  Mouse? … Printers don’t have a mouse!!!
Caller:  Mmmmm??.. Oh  really? … I will send you a picture.

31 thoughts on “Computer Repair

  1. although not a fan of mice.. the 2 we discovered in our loft had happily chewed to bits my great-grandmothers candlewick bedspread i had stored up there in a box, even though i am sure it made a wonderful and cosy nest i can’t forgive them but i do so feel for this poor lil guy! talk about getting into a tight spot! omg! lol!

    • Too funny, they can be a pest actually. I think this one is trying to chew up some papers for future nesting ground. It appears to be funny and I feel for this mouse. I can’t help myself 😆 either. 😛

  2. this was so funny! and last year our mechanic said he found the remains of a mouse near the engine of truck – it is a newer model and it is always parked outside – and like the printer photo here- looks like the little guy got stuck!

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