A sign of recovery

Riding the BC Ferries from one island to another is always an exciting trip for me especially when El Capitan will announce that there is a pod of whales ahead.

A rare sighting happened on Monday, February 3 when there were two pods in sight off the coast of the harbour in Nanaimo, BC.  The pod of orcas hunted the pod of dolphins and ended up killing two of them in full view of the ferry passengers.

Orcas is also known as the killer whales.  They are the wolves of the sea.  This is a transient group that hunts for  mammals including seals.  The resident Orcas eat salmon only in this area.

With the return of the dolphins and the boom on harbour seals, it’s indicative that the water is recovering  This means that there will be more interaction such as this in the future.

This is the nature of things as  David Suzuki will say.

Source: The Province

17 thoughts on “A sign of recovery

  1. I don’t know why but I didn’t realize you were in BC. That ferry ride is wonderful. Spent a few days on Vancouver Is. Beautiful country–took the rail from Toronto to Van. and back again. Beautiful country. We should have annexed when we had the chance–but you’re probably better off. Smiles. >KB

    • Well, KB, there is always next time and coffee is on me on your next visit. Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit. I’ll be okay as long as we communicate in plain English and not poetic English. 😛

  2. Incredible! What a privilege to have been so close, and to have witnessed such a thing…although seeing dolphins killed would be quite upsetting, but as you say, it’s nature, it is the way of things.

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