A Rowdy Tale: The happy ending is a new beginning

Remember Rowdy Tale that I reblog: seeker says: on April 28, 2013 . This is update from John M. Love happy endings. Thank you, John for the update.

Life with John

Here’s a follow-up story about Rowdy, a kitten who got a big boost up in life from Cat’s Cradle, a nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue organization located in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Rowdy, then a playful 10 week old kitten, was rescued from the pound in April 2013 by the great folks at Cat’s Cradle. Rowdy was suffering from chronic constipation with signs of nerve damage, which can occur due to physical trauma such as being struck by a car. After a successful fundraising drive by Cat’s Cradle, Valley Veterinary Hospital in Harrisonburg performed lifesaving surgery and Rowdy has been under foster care there since.

This week Stephanie Miller, the former foster coordinator at Cat’s Cradle, realized what a great match Rowdy was for her and decided to adopt him for herself. Rowdy is already settling in at his new forever home, making friends with Stephanie’s other pets. (Look how big he has grown!)

Great job by…

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