The object of raising the roof

There are a couple of bus boards that caught my attention in the lower mainland.  Simple photographs of men before; as a child, and now: as an adult.

Blake and Dave as children grew up from normal childhood with normal lives.  Happy as can they be.

These ads attracted a lot of attention.  I could see people standing and looking at them for the longest time.  I wonder what were they thinking and what emotions do the pictures evoke from them.

These are their photos as an adult.

It is difficult for me to be objective looking at these subjects.  Humans are not subjects nor objects.  These simple photos brought out the big question: “what happened?”  Good question.

Bus boards captions:
Now you know where homeless adults came from ~ Blake
People from normal childhoods with normal lives don’t  end up homeless. ~ Dave disagrees.

This photo campaign is from Raising the Roof that provides objective facts about what and who are the homeless.  Reading about it gave me a better understanding of the goal of the photo campaign. Blake and Dave are no longer strangers to me.

Bus boards photo credits: Raising the Roof

23 thoughts on “The object of raising the roof

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  2. In Western countries, homelessness is definitely saying something about the economy. When people is not capable of securing shelter for themselves, I think the government needs to remedy the situation quickly. Money allotted for armaments should be diverted to social services.

    • Canada is almost similar to Switzerland. Hardly any armaments. Actually, I really don’t know where the money goes when we know there is plenty of money in the coffer.

  3. i just saw one of these ads for the first time at a bus stop the other day. it was about a girl, and sadly i have forgotten her name, as much as the ad touched me. but she is out there, and as you say, a person. someone with an incredible potential. what happened indeed?
    always heartening to hear of efforts to help the homeless, and to preserve their dignity, and to provide resources to help them when they are ready to begin a new life again. not an easy road, i am quite sure.

    • Kris, there are three of these ads. Do tell where it’s located so I can complete the collection. Yes, we do our best to make the visible and human. There are plenty of resources and it takes time for them to accept the possibilities. Please do tell where I can find the ad. Thanks. Perpetua.

  4. This was an amazing post – and was not what I expected when I clicked the link to see your take not he them – but I was not disappointed – was moved and touched – and the way you presented the photos was brilliant. you first mention the ads – show us individual shots- then let us compare and then note the homeless factor. then the quote – quite moving. and thanks for raking awareness through this meaningful take not he theme. ~y.

    • Hello Y, It took me a while how to present this without causing any discomfort on the viewers. It has a strong message attached to it and just like the original add, it’s best to take it in small dosage. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, dear seeker. I look at all of the pictures and see the same thing; dear souls who, by a plethora of circumstances, situations, experiences, found themselves down a path they could not have imagined. What do I see? I see the same souls I see in babies sleeping in strollers; I see the same souls in an elderly couple walking along the street. There is no difference; merely illusion. Cher xo

  6. Really haunting, powerful. Especially with homeless men, I can envision them in their little 7-8-9 year old sports team uniforms…and heartbreakingly wonder what happened, how…this reality was not part of their childhood dreams…
    (I had to do a double read…Bus Board is another of those, ahem, Canadian phrases) 🙂

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