As a matter of fact

really good

In our reception area at work, there is a bowl of goodies: candies and chocolates.  I must admit every time I walked by, I took one or two chocolates.  How many times did I do that in a day? A lot!  Every time, I went to the loo, took a break, or just made an excuse to pass by the reception.  One too many.

This month, I did well.  Yup, proud to say. I manage not to dip my little hand in the bowl of chocolates and candies at the reception area for the whole month.

The power of self-control is so dull!  Thank goodness the month of chocolates is coming up, Valentine’s day.

In the meantime, wishing you Gong Hay Fat Choy.

13 thoughts on “As a matter of fact

  1. Seeker,

    This post made me smile. We all have our relationships with the treat jar. The one who doesn’t usually eat them is the one who puts them out. Funny, huh? 🙂 Makes you wonder.

    Happy Cusp of February! And Happy Chinese New Year!


      • You’re a better woman than I – I eat everything at once so it’s all over and my guilt is then camouflaged with nausea for over-indulging, lol 🙂

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