FYI: Canucks do not call it, “Canadian Bacon” :)

Comparatively speaking from written by a Canuck living in Chicago. A wonderful read.

The Chicago Files

French Fries and Vinegar

You don’t really put vinegar on your french fries, do you?  Well sure, sometimes, but if you are an American, I bet you most certainly do not partake in shaking this sour sauce on your fries!  Ah the illustrious and often humorous differences in the cultures of our two fine nations!  In many cases, the verbiage for Canadians and Americans is at opposite ends of the dictionary to describe the same item.  Case in point:  elastics versus rubber bands.  The first time I asked my husband to hand me an elastic, I think he thought my waistband had become unseemly and needed a repair!  He looked at me, and I looked at him looking at me.  Had I experienced a momentary lapse of lucidity and produced an ungodly word from my lips? No, it was just that ‘ol, “we don’t call it that here” conversation!

I began to wonder how…

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