Conversion: Existential Point

st. paul conversion

I am always fascinated what other people’s belief system and doubly fascinated when they turned 360 degrees and changed their belief system.  What gives?

Reading some extraordinary stories of conversion mostly in Christian’s perspective, they are saying the experience moves them that they acted in obedience toward a reality which paves the way and does not originate from them.

To become a “new creature” is a wonderful thing during this conversion process and that they joyfully forget the way they were before.  It is a tremendous grace to receive such a gift to be transformed even from a living a life of despicable act.

“I was in bed, eyes open, really suffering for the first time in my life… It was then that a cry burst from my breast, an appeal for help.  My God!  … and instantly, like a violent wind which passes over without anyone knowing where it comes from, the spirit of the Lord seized me by the throat.  I had an impression of infinite power and kindness and, from that moment onward, I believed with an unshakeable conviction that has never left me.”  This was written in a prison cell by Jacques Fescha French man who received death penalty for killing a police officer in 1957.

With a tinge of envy, I suppose I want to experience this without having to commit a capital crime.

Currently, I know of a person that gave up prestige, a good paying job and driving a sports car by serving the poor, the marginalized, the homeless, the addicts and prostitutes all for the glory of her God.  I don’t know her story, and it does not matter.  She is a vision of happiness.

18 thoughts on “Conversion: Existential Point

  1. We see the light almost everyday but we cover our eyes because it’s too bright for our human minds to comprehend. We are often confused so we rely on what society tells us. We have to do better than that.
    Conversion, I believe, comes to us little by little. Others got them in a flash.

  2. One of my favorite conversion stories in scripture is that of Alma, who started out as a young man seeking to destroy the Church of God. His father, a prophet, prayed fervently for him and he received a warning he couldn’t ignore. You can read it here:
    The cool thing about this chapter is the whole of it is a Chiasmus. You can read more about this literary parallelism from this blogger:
    You always have such thoughtful posts! Gail

  3. Taking a cue from your last para “ serving the poor, the marginalized, the homeless, the addicts and prostitutes all for the glory of her God” I know of people both believers and non believers who have made this (helping others) their life’s commitment. They indeed seem to be at peace with themselves.

  4. His required a rather strong intervention perhaps. The Divine Physician gives what is necessary and enough according to the situation. Sometimes we need only look back into the past to realize His working in our lives.

  5. Same here!
    I have this former college roommate who used to believe in God and now has become vocally atheistic. I wonder what happened but to know – of course – I’d have to ask. And things will likely get awkward.

    • Let the sleeping dog lie. A time will come that he will have a conversion and he will be totally transformed. You too, huh? I suppose we have to be a real sinner to get this kind of experience or very holy.

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