Three days: Where did it go?

There is a gremlin in the system!

Did I ever share with you that I hate technology?  I do!  I blamed technology when the first sign of dark night of the soul surfaced.  I am overcoming this aversion to technology by joining Facebook followed by WordPress.  And I am making headways.  I’m still here after over a year of blogging.  That is a success on my part.

To prove that I can do it, I even moved to a dot-com to learn more what’s out there.  It was a challenge and still is.

Today, the challenge is the reader.  Going back to some post that I have neglected to read, I don’t see them.  The reader’s last post was three days ago.  Mind you, some of today’s read is visible.  Where did it go?

I dread of contacting the support forum once again for I have numerous e-mail going back and forth.  I must say they are very helpful.

Oh, the joys of technology.

Photo credit: Jemima’s Journal

17 thoughts on “Three days: Where did it go?

  1. the Reader is a fairly new thing. at least it wasn’t around when i began blogging, and that is only a few years ago. in the olden days, there used to be an open webpage, or series of pages, where you could see every bloggers’ posts, not just those you subscribe too, and they never disappeared. which meant that you sometimes had to go back maaany pages to find what you had looked at recently, but still it was a way to happily bump into some brand new blogs.
    i suspect that the Reader is a more manageable way for WordPress to provide posts that may be read. however i am finding that not all the blogs i follow put in an appearance there, so on the advice of another blogger, i now pop over to other blogs to see if there is a new post yet.
    anyhow, i am not at all technologically inclined, but have found the blog resources quite amazing here at wordpress. so i am still here, too. wishing you happy endeavours – and keep on blogging! 🙂

    • Sigh, TMI (too much info).
      And you want to hear something funny? I normally follow my own post. Today’s post is in the reader, in between nothing and then Thursday is on the reader. That’s the missing link.

      Didn’t I just followed you few minutes ago? In a perfect world, your post should show up. Guess what? NADA.
      Hands up! I give up. 😆

    • Do I? I’ve spent so much time today on this darn computer trying to figure out stuff. This computer is driving me to the deep end. I think I’ll just keep on posting and should I lose some readers, followers and a few thoughts, cei la vie.

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