Kennel Time

Sometimes, people and animals have more in common than you might think. Blaze, the beautiful young Husky in this video, is obstinately resisting his owner’s suggestion that he go to sleep in his kennel. In this case, the owner is just doing it to tease the pup, but all of us have probably resisted our bedtimes just at fiercely at one point or another. And because he’s a Husky, which is a very verbose breed, it sounds just like he’s saying “No!” (Source: Bored Panda)

21 thoughts on “Kennel Time

  1. P…great minds think alike. I didn’t see that you had posted this and I posted it myself a few minutes ago. If I had known you blogged it, I would have just re-blogged it and credited you.

  2. I saw this yesterday somewhere else. It is the reverse of me in the morning – my husband trying to drag me out of bed to go to work and me going no….nooooo…..naooooo… very funny.

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