On Survival: “What I Liked Best”

Let’s pretend that this is your story, how would you have responded to each event?

This is a great story and a good read. Enjoy.

Where God Takes Me

Desert Sunset, West Humboldt Range, Nevada

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” –Mother Theresa

Many years ago, long before my husband and I began a life of wilderness travel, I was walking on a city sidewalk one stormy afternoon when abruptly I could not see.  Nor feel the rain.  Nor hear the surf crashing on the nearby cliffs.  Then slowly my hearing resumed and I heard a voice ask, as if from a great distance, “Would you help me?”  I peered and peered.  And eventually discerned a youth with blood-red cheeks, frenetic blond hair, sopping jeans and swollen blue feet.

“Of course I will help you.”

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